Can’t run Autodesk Maya on Ubuntu after installation?

Problem Solved!

Ubuntu is one of the popular platforms for running Linux, but Linux as always, if you are not well versed with computing, follows complications.
Autodesk Maya is a 3D animation and modelling software which most artists use today in industries for educational purposes as well as freelancing (and amateurs).

In this post, I won’t be covering installation of Maya, but will talk about running it after you install the program.

When you run the program by either hitting the icon or manually by typing sudo maya, you will be asked to activate the product before running it first. In this case, you would normally activate it directly only to find yourself in a state of confusion when you learn that Maya cannot be activated even after entering the correct product and serial keys.
This situation affects more when the trial period for the software has run out.

But thanks to Google and it’s research allowing the end users to exploit this specific vulnerability of servers: POODLE

For Autodesk products, this hotfix can be downloaded from the following webpage:

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