The Generous Change-Giver

Last afternoon, I was taking a bus to work. I usually take the bus 301 so I can be discounted for the return travel, but the sight of an empty bus 653 totally tempted me to get into haste of catching that bus. The fare to where I had intended to go (Welwyn Garden City) was just a quid for a single ride. Ha, here goes the fun part. I had just got out ten quid from the cash machine near the garage and the only amount I had in coins was 55p. It’s usually not a big deal, but for me it was, because whenever I got into a bus with a tenner, which is what I do most of the times, I end up getting the bus drivers frustrated. It’s also a lesson I always tend to ignore from my caring, yet annoying girlfriend (Haha, hope she doesn’t read it): ‘Always carry sufficient change’.

So, back to where we were. I got into the bus, and handed in the tenner. I was feeling quite anxious as to what he might say, so I headed on and suggested that he could give me a £9 voucher instead of the change as I travel often.

But to my surprise, for the first time, a bus driver calmly put down my decision with words of comfort saying, and I quote, ‘No worries, I’ve got it’.
At once, I felt relief. No, no, wait, I said to myself, “Is this happening? A bus driver giving away change. He must be high on ecstasy”.

Well, in a way, he just made my day. Generosity is such a beautiful thing, and I kept wondering, if I felt that happy, maybe I as an individual could imbibe that quality into practice and make people smile and perhaps impart that quality unto others.


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